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Smart Culture AwardsGreat culture: The foundation of your success

Culture is arguably the biggest marketing tool for enticing candidates to join your business. It also happens to be fundamental to business success.

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Great culture: The foundation of your success

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Seal the dealM&A activity remains strong, as dealmakers watch the markets closely

The M&A market remains strong, despite the slowdown that could be on the horizon. Pittsburgh dealmakers share what they saw in 2018 and what they anticipate next.

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M&A activity remains strong, as dealmakers watch...

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Alliance Data kicks into high gear under Melisa Miller’s leadership

With eight years of leadership from President Melisa Miller, Alliance Data’s card services has experienced eight years of high growth. Get to know the brand behind the brands that employs 4,500 Ohioans.

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Alliance Data kicks into high gear under Melisa...

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Gervasi VineyardFrom family getaway to resort destination, Gervasi Vineyard grows by listening

Growing from a family retreat to a resort destination that hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually happened by listening to, and acting on, the suggestions of others.

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From family getaway to resort destination, Gervasi...


How the Wayfair decision is playing out in the U.S. market

Kreischer Miller's Thomas M. Frascella takes a close look at the Wayfair decision and how the change is affecting both businesses and states’ sales tax collection practices.

Life insurance as a risk management vehicle to preserve company value

Life insurance can preserve company value in the event of the unexpected loss of a key individual. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman shares how.

Bridging the gap of time, distance and affordability in health care

Telehealth innovations are a significant step forward in mitigating rising health care costs, says Ron Carmassi of JRG Advisors. Here's how they can be a supplement or temporary substitute for traditional medical care.

The good and the ugly of convertible debt financing

While convertible debt financing can benefit early-stage companies, Babst Calland's Christian A. Farmakis and Justine M. Kasznica explain what can go wrong, as well.

Explaining Section 199A, the new qualified business income deduction

Section 199A will reduce the taxes flow-through entities pay on trade or business income, but it can be a complex calculation. Donna Deist of Ciuni & Panichi Inc. explains how the deduction will work.